SOLILOQUIES: Notes from the drawing book (Most Resent review by Georgina Maddox)

Giving vent to the pent up passion inside of them, drawing is perhaps the most direct way of speaking that an artist can lay recourse to. Arguably drawing, unlike painting and other forms of art, requires less premeditation, it is, in a way, unpretentious, raw and immediate.

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Soliloquies: Notes from the drawing book (By Urshila Mehta 2011)

Padwal’s newest body of work continues his inquest into his personal and the collective psyche. ‘Soliloquies: notes from the drawing book’ consists of two installations and four series of small format drawings made on pages of his diary.

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RETROGRADE REALITIES: Sunil Padwal’s Intuitive Line (An essay by Urshila Mehta)

Sunil Padwal cuts a quietly studious figure in his spacious New York- style studio. If anyone told you that his well-known meditative, muscular men were selfportraits, you’d do an internal double-take. Yet, this is exactly how we start our conversation on his newest body of work.

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